Please email us copies of the relevant papers and we will provide a formal quotation.  Fees are primarily based on the time spent (including travel if appropriate) and anything you can do before we meet that saves us time at our appointment will mean a smaller charge.

As examples only, a simple, single Power of Attorney may cost in the region of £180-£200, a basic single affidavit, £120-£140 and a notarised, certified copy passport £70.  Legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth office will cost a further £13.40 per document along with their fee of (currently) £30.00.  Our fees include Royal Mail first class post.  If you require your documents sent by Courier or by special delivery we can arrange that and will charge you the same cost incurred by us for that service.

Additional fees may also be incurred if the Country in question requires further legalisation at their London Embassy.  Prices can be obtained on request from our agents.

In certain circumstances, fees may also be needed to meet the costs of translators or interpreters.


Payment is needed at the time of our appointment by cash (up to a maximum sum of £500), postal order or cheque.  Cheques will need to clear before action can be undertaken or papers released.  Credit and debit card payments are also accepted.  Card payments under £200 can be made at no additional charge to you but for sums in excess of this amount we will levy the same fee charged to us by our bank, currently 3.4% for credit and debit card payments.