Ok, maybe not the first, but if you’ve not done so you MUST make a Will.

If you don’t it causes alll sorts of emotional and legal problems.  See a solicitor or a reputable Will Writer.



And if you have any foreign property, seek good advice.  The demographic trends at the moment mean lots of couples who bought a Spanish timeshare or villa in the 80’s and 90’s now want to sell up.  That’s either because they feel they’re too old to keep going on ‘Budget Airlines R Us’ or they’re being crippled by expensive monthly service charges.  Your solicitor or a notary can put you in touch with a lawyer abroad to help you out and sort out the Power of Attorney and Apostille you’ll need to get the sale done.

And if you don’t want to sell yet, do sort out your will anyway.  The laws on inheritance can vary in different countries; you may not necessarily be able to leave that property to anyone you want without going through a particular process.