Its been a bit quiet for Notary Abroad pictures.  Sorry about that; since Peru in 2015 we’ve been to Japan where I couldn’t locate a notary office at all.  After that we went on a wildlife tour of Madagascar and just before the end of the trip in Toliara on the south west coast  I managed to take this picture from the bus.  Its all VERY French over there…….

And after that we did a trip to India;  Again struggled to locate a notary but the guide assured me here in Shimla that advocates notarised documents as a matter of course. Bit like solicitors here in England I suppose….!

Back to the European continent and Poland where we know Notaries are properly regulated.  Here’s yours truly in Warsaw on the first day.  And yes, there were lots of notaries in virtually every town large and small.  Next trip is Iran in March 2018!