When it comes to cross-border personal and family issues there may be occasions when you need a Notary Public to verify and authenticate a number of your legal documents.

These may include –

Identity – when you need legal documents or identity papers notarised in support of any transaction overseas

Working, moving or studying abroad – when you require legal papers to be verified if you’re moving to, working in, or studying in another country

Immigration/Sponsorship – when family members want to join you here in the UK

Getting married – when you need documentation to get married overseas

Children and adoptions – when you are adopting children from outside the UK, and also in relation to custody and access issues

Probate and inheritance – when you are dealing with a family legacy that includes overseas property or assets

Properties: leases and purchases – when you require paperwork ratified for overseas property/land purchases, lease agreements and mortgages

Import/Export – when you are importing or exporting, or personally bringing items in and out of the UK

Power of Attorney – required when a third party in another country undertakes legal actions in your name, especially in relation to property transactions

Court proceedings – when you need legal witness statements and affidavits presented to a court in another country

In addition, legal paperwork may need to be ratified for cross-border asset protection and equity transfers.

For all of the above, as a Notary Public, I can also attend to legalisation of the document by way of the Foreign Office Apostille and Embassy certification; if that is required by the foreign jurisdiction.

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