If you are working overseas or sending staff abroad on business, or if you have an overseas workforce, you will require a Notary Public to verify and authenticate a number of your legal documents.

You may also need similarly verified papers if you are bringing employees into the UK.

These may include –

Passports/Visas – to ensure you have appropriate and up to date documents which enable you and your employees to cross borders for business purposes

Legal protection – you’ll want to be sure that you have appropriate legal protection for you and your workforce

Qualifications – employers in other countries will need to be able to confirm UK academic and professional qualifications

Power of Attorney – giving legal authority to your employee or agent overseas when they undertake legal actions in your name

Company records authenticated – when you’re setting up a subsidiary company or agreeing contracts in another country

Import/Export – when you need certification for HMRC and the equivalent authorities in the country you’re working with

Individuals – when you need legal documents or identity papers regarding temporary or permanent immigration and emigration

Properties: leases and purchases – when paperwork needs to be ratified for overseas property/land purchases, lease agreements and mortgages (for example, when you are setting up a new office or production unit)

New bank accounts – when you need to open new accounts and undertake other overseas financial transactions (for example, when you are setting up a new overseas trade relationship).

For all of the above, as a Notary Public, I can also attend to legalisation of the document by way of the Foreign Office Apostille and Embassy certification; if that is required by the foreign jurisdiction.

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