This time the Notary Abroad was in Morocco where….er….  it was much colder than he’d packed for.  Hence the Michelin Man appearance!    A fascinating country in many ways with great food although I don’t think I need to see any more cous cous or lamb tagines for a while.

And, yes, they use notaries a lot.  Especially for marriage  documentation.  There’s actually been some talk of English notaries getting involved in this process over here in the future, and (it follows…) in the no fault divorces that sadly come later.  Watch this space!  Well, here’s me in a couple of photos in Marrakech just along from the main Djemaa el-Fnaa square you see in all the postcards where all the snake charmers hang out, one on a VERY cold (but sunny) day; the next day a tad warmer.