Whether this is a sign of the recession in the UK, people being fed up with our weather (this last weekend an exception!) , or just part of a wider global trend of workforce mobility, I’m seeing more and more clients who are asking for their paperwork to be notarised in support of an application to emigrate overseas.

Especially prolific these days are applications from doctors, nurses and members of the emergency services going to Australia but there are also electricians going to Canada, teachers to the Middle East and even a plumber to Mexico!

If this applies to you, depending upon where you are going the authorities there may want copies of your papers notarised (and not simply certified by a solicitor) and sent to their UK embassy for prior approval.  Some countries want their own forms completing (which might run to many pages) and most will expect you to go to what can be quite a lot of work in obtaining all sorts of exam certificates, letters from schools, colleges, employers, doctors and even the local Police about any previous criminal records history.

This may take a little time so involve your notary as early as you can in the process.  I often have to liaise with the authorities abroad to get to the bottom of exactly what their requirements are and to do so in such a way as makes this as cost effective as possible.  It’s certainly not a rubber stamping exercise but with sufficient time to prepare we can keep the fuss to an absolute minimum and leave you to concentrate on more important things.  Again please remember that a Notary doesn’t just stamp these copies blindly.  The certification process may take a little time and this will be reflected in the cost charged.  To use the example of a Doctor emigrating abroad, the authorities there will want to rely on the Notary having checked that the person is definitely who they say they are and that (s)he does hold the relevant qualification.  Lives can literally be at risk in such circumstances.