Well, you probably should care since without it your notarised document might be invalid!  In addition, not only do the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office charge for each one, they will also keep you waiting about 5 working days to provide them.  That time delay can be critical if you’re already hard up against a deadline.

Simply speaking an Apostille is a “stamp” that is attached to a Notarised document.  This stamp “legalises” a Notary’s own signature and seal and makes it “official”.

If you’ve been asked to provide a notarised document somewhere, your foreign advisers SHOULD have told you whether they also need you to get an Apostille.  Sometimes they don’t….  Sometimes they’ll assume that you’ll already know you need one, or that your Notary will tell you.

Basically, different countries have different rules.  If the country you’re dealing with has signed up to a treaty called the Hague Convention then you’ll probably need an Apostille.  I can advise you if this is the case and arrange to get the Apostille for you if you wish for a small additional charge.   If time really is pressing there are agents and couriers who can arrange an expedited service for you but at a significantly higher cost.

What you really mustn’t do is try to save time and cost and assume you’ll be ok without this Apostille stamp.   More often than not your foreign advisers will simply send the document back and insist you get the stamp.  Please feel free to email me if you have any queries on this or any other Notarial topic.