This is coming up quite often now as more people are getting their paperwork together in support of an application to emigrate or study overseas.  Nevertheless this sort of request is a year round thing notaries get all the time, for any number of personal or commercial transactions.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, notaries don’t rubber stamp documents but I can make the process as easy as possible for you.

If you can email across to me a good quality, high resolution, copy of the photo page of your passport, I’ll notarise a copy for you, for £45 if payment is made by credit/debit card.  I’ll still need to phyiscally see the original passport in the flesh so to speak but by having an email copy in advance I can do all the preparation and notarisation task beforehand, saving time (and money) for when we do briefly meet.

A couple of words of caution though….

1  You should find out from the overseas authorities if they want a colour or black & white copy making.

2  Also find out if they’re happy with just the photo page, or whether they want the front cover (and any othe pages, eg showing visa stamps)

Any other queries or quirks?  Please get in touch.